Waveglider Goggles

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Waveglider Goggles

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These swim goggles keep you moving fast in the water with a streamlined frame and customisable nosepiece for a personalised fit. The injection-moulded lenses keep a clear line of sight, while the super-soft seals lock water out for comfort that lasts as long as your workout.

Injection-moulded lenses with super-soft TPR seal, Streamlined frame design, Exchangeable nosepiece, Adjustable split head strap for comfort fit, Training goggles, 100% thermoplastic gum.

Colour: F49009-Black / Silver Met. / Pantone

Care Instructions

Visit our Customer Care page. As the leader in performance apparel, it's important for PRO SPORTSWEAR to advise you of the tendencies of certain fabrics, as well as practices to avoid.