Djessy Leotard

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Christian Moreau

Djessy Leotard


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We have selected for you new materials, shimmering, some of which require special care.

Metallic fabrics, holograms and flakes are fragile materials that are very sensitive to friction, acid perspiration and deodorants. Wash your leotard upside down with a liquid detergent:

  • by hand individually, without soaking, at 30 degrees, change the water after each leotard and then spin quickly in a towel.
  • or machine (max 5 leotard together) in short cycle at 30 degrees, spin delicate program then immediately exit the machine.
  • let dry on hanger, no tumble dryer.
  • no chlorine or ironing.
  • never let the leotards soak in the water.
  • use wipes that absorb the colour.

To ensure better comfort, your leotard is lined with a permanent antibacterial fabric.

Care Instructions

Visit our Customer Care page. As the leader in performance apparel, it's important for PRO SPORTSWEAR to advise you of the tendencies of certain fabrics, as well as practices to avoid.