GK Techno Tank

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GK Techno Tank

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STYLE: Scoop neck racerback tank leotard.

GREAT DETAILS: Features white and navy sublimation on subfuse with matching scrunchie.

PERFECT FIT & FEEL: Soft for flexibility and comfort.

Pilling may occur on PolyTek and SubFuse Sublimated fabrics when it comes in contact with any other rough surface (examples are mats, grips, floor mats, etc.). The back/bottom area of the garment tends to pill easier than other areas. Unfortunately, this is an issue we cannot avoid due to the nature of the fabric. Elite Sportswear will not be responsible for replacing or repairing your garment if pilling occurs.

Care Instructions

Visit our Customer Care page. As the leader in performance apparel, it's important for PRO SPORTSWEAR to advise you of the tendencies of certain fabrics, as well as practices to avoid.